My Gratitude List

I initially thought of posting a Christmas Wish List. But on second thought, what if my Christmas Wish list got fulfilled? Because the material things that I wanted are mostly bulky things for my home, they will naturally just add more clutter to my compact home.

Also, because of certain circumstances in my life right now, like for example the uncertainty of whether we are migrating to New Zealand next year or not, material gifts though they certainly are a most welcome blessing, seems a bit impractical at this point. (Like, how senseless it would be to bring a suitcase full of clothes which I couldn’t really wear in NZ because of their temperate climate)

So I decided to do a Gratitude List instead. Here goes:

  1. I delivered a healthy baby via normal delivery, despite my being in the high risk category because of my age.
  2. Aside from minor illnesses like colds and fevers, my whole family is healthy.
  3. In times of financial troubles, I could count on my siblings for assistance!
  4. We hurdled through an in-law crisis that almost led to a separation.
  5. I am living in a very nice, comfortable home and have a relatively comfortable life.
  6. My hubby finally gained a permanent status in his place of employment.
  7. Because of #6, hubby was entitled to avail of a health card, which we got to use almost immediately after he got it when my then 5 week old baby had to be hospitalized (talk about serendipity!). So we didn’t spend a single cent for the hospitalization!
  8. One of my favorite helpers is still with me. She’s been with me on and off since 2001. She always comes back to me. She came back after getting married, when her son was a toddler already and after a miscarriage.
  9. My close friend lives right across my house. So I never lack for an adult company, despite being a SAHM.
  10. Because of #9, my kids have quality playmates, which is very important to me.
  11. I am so thankful that because our village is very safe and secure and peaceful, I can allow my teenage daughter to go to her choir practice and friend’s houses all alone.
  12. Because I’m a SAHM, I never had to go through the pain of a working mom when she had to leave her kids for work every morning.
  13. I am so thankful that my favorite helper is also a very good cook because I just hate cooking!
  14. I am so thankful that the next house I’m moving in to is also very nice. Although even smaller than my present home, it is very cozy and very well maintained. The interiors are very luxurious.
  15. In relation to #14, I am thanking my lucky stars that I always get the house that I want while house hunting. For a SAHM and homebody like me, living in a house that I really like is a must and a non-negotiable thing.
  16. We are getting closer to our NZ dream, as we just passed thru the next level in their selection process.
  17. That my kids are studying in very good schools despite our modest means.
  18. That because I opted to be a SAHM despite knowing it will mean less income for our household, we were blessed to have been given the opportunity to own 2 businesses which I can run from home.
  19. My kids are very sweet and loving to us and gives us so much joy.
  20. And last but certainly not the least…my MIL finally moved out of my house!