A Parenting Lesson from my Son

A few months ago while helping my son take a bath in the shower stall, he began to playfully splash water onto the toilet area. Because it was one of those mad morning rushes, I got really mad and started ranting to him about how hard it is to clean up spill, and how he’s messing up the bathroom etc, etc.

My son looking sad that I was hyperventilating simply told me “Mom, you could just have told me that”. I was stunned into silence. Oo nga naman, I could have simply told him not to splash water and why he shouldn’t and he wouldn’t have done it.

Lesson Learned: Instead of getting mad with your kids’ irritating behavior, try asking them first to stop and then explain the reason why you want them to stop whatever annoying thing they are doing. Because sometimes, the things that we adults take for granted as common sense (like not splashing water all over the bathroom!) are simply not in their psyche yet. They are doing those annoying things not to irk us parents but simply because the are having fun and being in the moment.