Tag On Mommy Fears

Last week, I got this very nice tag from Nice. (hehe, i just love using this pun on you,Nice!)

The question is, What is your greatest fear as a mommy?

My answer – That I will die while the kids are still young. Just the thought of it makes my heart palpitates! Goodness! I gave up a very interesting TV career to be a hands-on SAHM to my kids so I figure it will be very, very unfair if I die early. Just imagine a home without a mother, di ba sobrang lungkot?

Siguro, if my own mom was still alive, I won’t be as scared, knowing she’ll love and care for my kids as her own. But since she’s not on this earth anymore, I feel that no one can ever REPLACE the kind of love and care that I give to my kids. Honestly speaking, not even my hubby. Not that I’m disparaging him, but he’s simply not the hands-on type of father that I would be confident to leave my kids to. He cannot even comfort our crying infant, for God’s sake! So how much more a houseful of three kids with different ages and needs? Financially, I have no qualms that he can provide for them comfortably but providing for their emotional needs? Malabo yata!. Iba talaga ang alaga ng mommy. And I’m pretty sure all the mommy bloggers out there will understand where my sentiments are coming from.

Now, I’m tagging Liza and Jen to do this tag.