Tag On Mommy Fears

Last week, I got this very nice tag from Nice. (hehe, i just love using this pun on you,Nice!)

The question is, What is your greatest fear as a mommy?

My answer – That I will die while the kids are still young. Just the thought of it makes my heart palpitates! Goodness! I gave up a very interesting TV career to be a hands-on SAHM to my kids so I figure it will be very, very unfair if I die early. Just imagine a home without a mother, di ba sobrang lungkot?

Siguro, if my own mom was still alive, I won’t be as scared, knowing she’ll love and care for my kids as her own. But since she’s not on this earth anymore, I feel that no one can ever REPLACE the kind of love and care that I give to my kids. Honestly speaking, not even my hubby. Not that I’m disparaging him, but he’s simply not the hands-on type of father that I would be confident to leave my kids to. He cannot even comfort our crying infant, for God’s sake! So how much more a houseful of three kids with different ages and needs? Financially, I have no qualms that he can provide for them comfortably but providing for their emotional needs? Malabo yata!. Iba talaga ang alaga ng mommy. And I’m pretty sure all the mommy bloggers out there will understand where my sentiments are coming from.

Now, I’m tagging Liza and Jen to do this tag.


Feeling Blah

That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling the past week or so, though nothing is physically wrong with me. But I’ve been feeling soooo out of sort lately. Can’t be post partum blues coz I gave birth about 5 months ago, or could it be?

Sometimes, I feel so desperately hopeless or hopelessly desperate. Other times, I feel a sadness that’s so overwhelming that I feel like crying. Di pa naman siguro to menopausal blues as I’m only 41!

Basta, that’s what I’m feeling right now, so medyo wala sa mood mag blog.

Tag on Fives

On Fives

Another tag from Nice!

5 Things Found In My Bag

  1. wallet & coin purse
  2. pens and notepad
  3. lipstick & pressed powder
  4. cellphone
  5. car and house keys

5 Things Found In My Wallet

  1. cards
  2. photos
  3. my son’s baby tooth
  4. receipts from my collectibles
  5. money!

5 Things Found In My Room

  1. bed
  2. side table
  3. tv
  4. computer
  5. rocking chair with footstool

5 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do

  1. go on a shopping spree with an unlimited budget
  2. travel around the world with my family
  3. convert a spare room into a playroom and decorate it with colorful furnishings
  4. redecorate every room in my house
  5. spend a white christmas in new york and build a snowman with my kids

5 Things I’m Currently Into

  1. raising a teen, a gradeschooler and an infant
  2. online writing job
  3. blogging
  4. getting ready to move
  5. preparing for the holidays

5 People to Tag for This Meme

  1. liza
  2. jen
  3. lucel
  4. deb
  5. alane

Wordless Wednesday # 1: Baby Sling



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View From My Terrace

I was inspired by Jen’s view from the top so I dug into my pictures folder and did my own version. Look, I even customized my header with it!

I’ve always been attracted to houses with terraces or balconies. There is just something extra special about them. Aside from its obvious curb appeal, I think it makes a house seem more homey. Function wise, they are very useful specially if your house is not so spacious as they can serve as an extra all purpose room.

My terrace has so far functioned as an outdoor playroom for my kids (as well as the neighborhood kids), a space for stargazing at night (while perched on the duyan I got from Bicol)), as an entertainment area for late night drinking sessions with very close friends, and lately as a sunbathing zone for my 4 month old baby.

This is the view from my terrace which faces the street where I live.


And this one is a view of my next-door neighbor’s well-kept lawn.


Our terrace is directly attached to the masters bedroom so it’s really very convenient for me. Upon waking up in the morning, my baby and I go straight to the terrace for some sunshine as well as to wave hello to some friendly neighbors. Sometimes, we take our breakfast there, sipping our coffee while reading the papers. Other times, we have candlelit dinners with the whole family, savoring some Belgian chocolates for dessert while counting the stars! How cozy can you get?!

I feel blessed that my current home is located inside a very nice village. Just imagine if your view from a balcony is that of a dumpsite! UUGGHHH…..


Two Sundays ago, my friend’s 90 year old manghihilot paid her a visit. After their session, I borrowed Lola Cita from her and treated myself to a well-deserved hilot (massage). You see, for several weeks now, my shoulder muscles have been feeling stiff, perhaps due to the fact that I’ve been babywearing my son for the most part of the day every single day since I got my sling in late August. That translates to carrying 6 kilos of weight for around roughly 900 hours! Whew! No wonder I was feeling so sore.

Lola Cita is not your ordinary lola. Unlike other elderly people, she is not at all stooped. She can still climb up and down the stairs without any difficulty. She can still read the newspaper without any reading glasses. She attributes her good health to her vegetarian lifestyle.

Her grip was surprisingly strong, firm and forceful for someone her age. Her expert hands really soothed my tired body. And she was so fun to be with! My daughter, yaya and I were doubling over with laughter with her stories and jokes. While going down the stairs, my Yaya told her, Lola ingat po baka matalisod kayo. You know what she said? Anong mag-ingat, gusto mo maghabulan pa tayo dito eh! Hahaha! She was really so hilarious but the fun ended abruptly when she lifted her hands off my body saying, o ayan tapos na. So soon? I was so bitin! We’ve only been into it for just about 20 minutes, I was just starting to warm up, tapos yun na pala lahat yon? Tapos na?!

Oh well, okay na rin since she only charged me 100 bucks for it.

She said she’ll be back every Sunday for 4 consecutive weeks and on the 4th Sunday, she’ll massage my tummy so that my womb will go back to it’s pre-pregnancy size. Yay! That means no more bilbil!

So I waited and waited for her last Sunday but she didn’t come! Haay, I was so looking forward to it pa naman…..

Forgetful Tag



Yay, another tag from Liza. Thanks so much, I just loooove doing tags!

1. They say elephants never forget. Would you compare your memory to that of an elephant or gnat?
~ Can it be somewhere in between, like a dog? hehe. Kasi I have a selective memory.

2. What kinds of things do you find it easy to remember?
~ My blessings. I always keep my blessings in mind, specially when I’m faced with big problems.

3. What kinds of things do you find difficult to remember?
~ Verbal instructions dictated by my teachers when I was still in school! Grabe! I find it so hard to take notes while simultaneously mentally processing what the teachers are saying. Kakaloka!

4. How does your short-term memory compare to your long-term memory?
~Same as Liza. Short-term is more detailed.

5. How do you commit things to memory? Do you use tricks, songs, images, word associations, or other little mnemonics?
~Again, same as Liza. Images and word associations.