Feeling Blah

That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling the past week or so, though nothing is physically wrong with me. But I’ve been feeling soooo out of sort lately. Can’t be post partum blues coz I gave birth about 5 months ago, or could it be?

Sometimes, I feel so desperately hopeless or hopelessly desperate. Other times, I feel a sadness that’s so overwhelming that I feel like crying. Di pa naman siguro to menopausal blues as I’m only 41!

Basta, that’s what I’m feeling right now, so medyo wala sa mood mag blog.


Stolen Phone

Now that I’ve unloaded my MIL woes (please see my previous post), I decided that what the heck, might as well unburden my chest of another thing that had pissed me off so much the past months . So please indulge me.

nokia_6600.jpgOne evening in early June, while in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I had a false alarm labor. My contractions were consistent but my dilation wasn’t progressing. After almost 24 hours of non productive labor, my OB concluded that it’s a false alarm and had me sedated so I can rest. I was still in the Labor Room then, texting my hubby about what’s happening. I clearly remember falling asleep while clutching the cellphone to my chest. When the nurse woke me up so I can be transferred to a private¬† room, my cellphone was nowhere to be found! The nurses and interns turned the bed upside down hoping to uncover my phone but it simply wasn’t there. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Imagine getting robbed inside a private hospital’s Labor room?! This was was totally absurd and unheard of, even here in my country where cellphone-snatching in the streets is a way of life. There was no other patient in the labor room during the entire time that I was there so walang orderly na pumasok sa room.Only doctors, interns and nurses were allowed inside the delivery and labor room so it means someone from the noble profession stole my phone!¬† Grabe! I was so pissed off! Hindi na nga ako nanganak, ninakawan pa ko ng cellphone! What made it worse was that I had lots of photos in that phone that I had not uploaded yet like my son’s preschool graduation photos. The hospital’s security office conducted an investigation but as expected, nothing came out of it. To this day, we are still awaiting the result of the investigation.

That afternoon I went home with both bulging eyes and bulging tummy.