The OC

No, my post is not about that popular TV show. It’s about how OC (obssesive compulsive) I am when it comes to my house.

You can trace my OCness to my childhood days. I think it started when my passion for beautiful homes and interior decorating was awakened. I remember when I was about 10 years old and I went to my classmate’s house. Boy, was I green with envy when I saw her bedroom! She actually had matching curtains and bed linens! Up to now, I can still vividly see in my mind’s eye the red Mickey Mouse design on her beddings. That was a turning point in my life! When I got home that day, I started fixing up our room. Pretty soon, I was fixing up the other parts of the house too. My mom was so proud of me. And rightly so, if I may say so myself…(hehe yabang no?) Because not only was I rearranging furnitures and sweeping and mopping around, I also added plants and flowers and other decorating touches around the house. Now tell me, is that normal for a 10 year old girl?

Fast forward to now, at 41 years young with 3 kids. My OCness spills out to other aspects of homemaking. Our bed has to be fixed a certain way and NO other way. The comforter must lie flat on the bed without any crease at all. At the point where it meets the pillows, it must be turned back so that the reverse side is exposed. The pillows must be fluffed and arranged in a certain way too! My helper is now an expert at making our bed every morning. Puwede na nga sya magtrabaho sa hotel as a chambermaid, sa galing nya mag-ayos ng bed! Ewan ko ba, I’m really so maarte when it comes to these things. Parang di ako kasi mapakali it it’s not done properly, and properly in this sense means MY way!

Hanging up the towels is another proof of my OCness. It must hang perfectly straight, as in the edges must must be aligned exactly.

My teenage daughter and I collect flipflops and so of course, this is still another venue for my ka-OC-han! The slippers must be lined up along the 2nd floor hallway in a certain way too. First by size and then by color. Sa color, for example pink, I line up the dark pink first, next the medium pink and then the light pink. Of course, all the pink flipflops are neighbors to the lavander and purple hued ones…! Parang color wheel, hehe! Sometimes, I wonder ako lang ba ang ganito, is it just me or is there a kindred soul somewhere out there?

Sometimes, this ka-OC-han becomes a source of conflict between me and my girl and hubby. Kasi naman, both of them are my complete opposite. As in they are super makalat and disorganized! In one of our bonding moments, my daughter said, Mommy na-karma ka yata, kasi you’re so OC tapos you married a messy guy and have messy kids. Hahaha…Oo nga ano, very well said!

Of course, with 3 kids around the house, it’s quite hard to maintain a spic and span magazine-worthy home. That’s why I appreciate my helpers so much. But that is another topic for another post.