To Homeschool or Not?

My 8 year old boy that is. It’s my dilemma at the moment and I’m really confused.

I spent the whole afternoon yesterday researching on homeschooling in the Philippines. And the wealth of information that I found on the netleft me even more confused and undecided! It’s because I found out a lot of things about homeschooling that both excites and scares me.

But first, let me explain why I’m even considering homeschooling when I am perfectly satisfied with my son’s non-traditional school. It’s because we are still awaiting the result of our New Zealand permanent residency application. We expect to know it by next year but problem is, we don’t know exactly WHEN. And while the decision is still up in the air, we are left hanging in mid-air. We cannot make definite or concrete plans. Like my kids’ schooling for example.

By January 2008, my son’s school will be asking for a reservation fee to ensure a slot for next schoolyear. I know it makes sense to just go ahead and pay the 9k fee and just pull him out in the middle of the school year if our visa comes. But the thing is, we have to pay the full tuition fee of 100k+ regardless if he only gets to attend a few months in school. And I’m unwilling to risk that much money. It’s like throwing away our hard earned pesos which we could use as part of our settlement fund when we get to New Zealand.

And that’s where my idea of homeschooling him came in. But as I learned more about homeschooling, I felt scared. A lot of questions popped in my head. Am I really capable of homeschooling my son? The websites say that you have to be a college graduate to qualify. Check. I’m a college grad. It says that you must not have a full time job. Check, I’m a SAHM. It says you must devote at least four hours everyday to teach your child plus one or two hours of preparation time. Uhmmm…well, maybe. At this point, I began to doubt If I can handle it since I’m a hands-on mom to my baby and therefore has no full time yaya. Then, scenes from my tutoring sessions with my son flashback in my mind. The frustration and exasperation we both feel as we sometimes quarrel over his homeworks. Ugghh! Do I really want to do this day in day out for the next 12 months?

Right now, I feel like backing out na. But when I think of the 100K going down the drain if I keep him in school next year...Aba, aba….. I feel like sige na nga, I can do it!

Haay….ano ba talaga?


A Parenting Lesson from my Son

A few months ago while helping my son take a bath in the shower stall, he began to playfully splash water onto the toilet area. Because it was one of those mad morning rushes, I got really mad and started ranting to him about how hard it is to clean up spill, and how he’s messing up the bathroom etc, etc.

My son looking sad that I was hyperventilating simply told me “Mom, you could just have told me that”. I was stunned into silence. Oo nga naman, I could have simply told him not to splash water and why he shouldn’t and he wouldn’t have done it.

Lesson Learned: Instead of getting mad with your kids’ irritating behavior, try asking them first to stop and then explain the reason why you want them to stop whatever annoying thing they are doing. Because sometimes, the things that we adults take for granted as common sense (like not splashing water all over the bathroom!) are simply not in their psyche yet. They are doing those annoying things not to irk us parents but simply because the are having fun and being in the moment.

My Two Other (not so) Babies!

A few posts back, you got to meet my 777 baby. Now let me present to you….

drum roll please……..!!!

Babies # 1 & 2 !jessie-on-the-duyan.jpgjoey-5.jpg

I’m the very proud momma of these two adorable kids. Please indulge me as I brag about my wonderful “MINI MEs” or RETASOs as my OB calls them.

Baby # 1 is my teener. She just turned 16 last month. She is a junior in one of the exclusive schools in QC. She is a wonderful cook and can whip up a mean BBQ Spareribs complete with mashed potatoes! She is also a very good writer, she maintains her own blog and has written several romantic short stories (though unpublished). She is a fashionista and could carry her clothes very well, despite her “not so slim” figure! She is very passionate about her other love – fashion designing. In fact, she had used up reams and reams of bond paper with her fashion sketches!

Baby # 2 is a second grader in a non-traditional school. He is a very sweet and sensitive little boy. He never fails to give me a comforting hug when he senses that I’m sad. He is very friendly with kids and is quite popular with his classmates (specially among the girls!) In fact, my hubby’s students have been running after him, telling him that they’re gonna wait for him to grow up and marry him! Hahaha! At the young age of 8, he outwitted his sister. How? You see, he prayed really hard to God for a baby brother but did not tell this to her Ate the whole nine months I was preggy. You should have seen the happiness on his face when we saw the ultrasound result. That’s when he told us that he had been secretly praying for a brother!)

I am so blessed for having my three beautiful kids, don’t you think so?