View From My Terrace

I was inspired by Jen’s view from the top so I dug into my pictures folder and did my own version. Look, I even customized my header with it!

I’ve always been attracted to houses with terraces or balconies. There is just something extra special about them. Aside from its obvious curb appeal, I think it makes a house seem more homey. Function wise, they are very useful specially if your house is not so spacious as they can serve as an extra all purpose room.

My terrace has so far functioned as an outdoor playroom for my kids (as well as the neighborhood kids), a space for stargazing at night (while perched on the duyan I got from Bicol)), as an entertainment area for late night drinking sessions with very close friends, and lately as a sunbathing zone for my 4 month old baby.

This is the view from my terrace which faces the street where I live.


And this one is a view of my next-door neighbor’s well-kept lawn.


Our terrace is directly attached to the masters bedroom so it’s really very convenient for me. Upon waking up in the morning, my baby and I go straight to the terrace for some sunshine as well as to wave hello to some friendly neighbors. Sometimes, we take our breakfast there, sipping our coffee while reading the papers. Other times, we have candlelit dinners with the whole family, savoring some Belgian chocolates for dessert while counting the stars! How cozy can you get?!

I feel blessed that my current home is located inside a very nice village. Just imagine if your view from a balcony is that of a dumpsite! UUGGHHH…..


My Helpers’ Daily Work Schedule

As I mentioned before, I am quite OC (obsessive compulsive) when it come to cleaning and fixing up my house. Aside from being OC, I am also very organized and systematic. Thus when I started running my own household, I developed a template for my helpers Daily Work Schedule . In this list, each helper would easily know what is expected of her as it clearly shows the division of labor as well as a step by step instruction on what to do next. This practically eliminated bickering which is quite common among households helpers.

My list, though it looks long and intimidating at first is really very easy to use and convenient for both parties. The checklist has a tickbox where the helper simply has to check when she’s done with a task. I only have to look at the list to see what has been accomplished so far. I’m the type of person who hates repeating orders and instructions. Helpers, on the other hand usually forget what they’re suppose to do, even if you’ve told them a million times. Thus this system worked perfectly for me and my helpers.

I believe my method has also taught my helpers to be organized and systematic as well. Proof of this? When one of my helpers moved on the her next job, her new employer was so pleased with how well she worked and managed her time. Siyempre, I was super proud of her (and myself na rin, after all, ako yata nag-train dyan!).

Wanna take a sneak peek at my list?


Bel – Lutuin ang almusal at baon ng mga bata
Glo – Bigyan ng pagkain at tubig si Chubby(MY DOG, RIP) (linisin

     muna ang plato bago lagyan ng pagkain at tubig)

Bel – Buhusan ng tubig ang labas ng kotse at tuyuin, linisin ang

loob ng kotse
Bel – Magwalis sa labas at magdilig
Bel – Maglinis sa first floor (SALA/DINING/KITCHEN ) ( Magtanggal

ng alikabok (gamitin ang MCCleaner), magwalis AT mag

lampaso (pati hagdanan!)
Bel – Maglinis sa 2nd floor (2 BEDROOMs/ DRESSING ROOM /

2 BANYO & HALLWAY) (Magtanggal ng alikabok (gamitin

ang MC Cleaner), magwalis AT mag lampaso (pati

Glo – Maglaba ng mga damit / Linisin ang labahan at 3rd floor

roof deck habang nasa washing machine ang mga damit



Glo – Magplantsa sa hapon
Glo – Magluto ng tanghalian
Bel – Maghugas ng plato, linisin ang stove at counter, tuyuin

ang lababo pagkahugas ng plato


Bel – Magluto ng hapunan (5:30pm)
Bel – Maghugas ng plato, / Linisin ang dalawang stove at

counter, tuyuin ang lababo pagkahugas ng plato
Bel – Bigyan ng pagkain at tubig si Chubby
Glo – Punasan ang mesa at placemat/ Linisin ang rice cooker

at counter / Magwalis sa dining at kitchen (Siguraduhing

malinis ang kusina bago matulog!)
Bel – I-check ang mga pinto,I-off ang mga ilaw (pati sa garahe),

mga tangke ng gas,gripo, plugs bago matulog (GOOD NIGHT!)

Moving House

They say that moving houses is one of the most stressful events one will ever encounter in their lifetime. If that is the case, then I’m about to be stressed for the 8th time!

Yes my dears, you read it right. 8 times. Since getting married I’ve been so uprooted so many times that I consider myself a moving expert by now. lol!

Ironically I spent the first 24 years of my life in just 1 house, my parents’ own home. Upon getting married in 1991, I moved in with my hubby’s family in Katipunan, QC which is a mere 5 minutes drive from where I used to live. (Move #1) After 4 years, in 1995 hubby and I, now with baby # 1 moved into a townhouse unit in Loyola Heights, again a mere 3 minutes drive from my in-laws place. (Move #2) In 1999, now with baby #2, we were able to build our own house in Village East, Cainta. (Move # 3) Just after a year, my college friend cum business partner and I rented a 3 level townhouse unit in San Juan, which we converted into a home office. (Move # 4) Sadly, things didn’t work out quite as we expected and after only a few months, we moved back to Cainta. (Move #5) After 5 year, in 2004 we decided to sell the Cainta house after which we moved back to Quezon City. Move #6) After a little over 2 years in 2006, my brother who owns the house we’re staying in decided to sell, so here we are right now somewhere in scenic Antipolo! (Move # 7)

Although I love this house in Antipolo so much that it breaks my heart to leave it, it is almost time again to say goodbye.  The long drive (2 hours back and forth) is taking a toll on my hubby’s health. He has lost a lot of weight.  So this month, we are all set to move back to Quezon City.(Move #8)

Kayo, how many times have you moved?