Wordless Wednesday # 1: Baby Sling



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My Little Dalmatian Puppy

Last week, my 4-month old baby became a cute dalmatian puppy for his very first Halloween!


Initially, I had wanted to buy him a bee costume that I saw on Ebay Philippines. But I was not lucky enough to snag the bid. Since it was already too late to order online, I decided to make his costume myself. In a moment of inspiration, I hit upon the idea of using one of his old white bodysuit onesies and put spots on it to simulate a dalmatian. My teener and her friend volunteered to draw the spots on it using a permanent marker. (wrong move, i should have used a fabric marker). Though the photo here doesn’t show it, I cut up and attached two black ears and a tail to the bodysuit using an old pair of hubby’s black socks. I also had this bright idea of using a red collar, dog tag and leash but unfortunately, those items weren’t available in my house in that late hour.

Everyone who saw him during the trick or treat night thought he was so cute in his costume and couldn’t believe that is was handmade. I got so many compliments on it that I’m now contemplating on making it a business for next year’s Halloween.

Orders, anyone?

Sharing Breastfeeding Duties

I’m at a loss on what to do next. With regards to sharing feeding duties with hubby, that is. Of course, with me having the breasts with milk (haha!) I get to do this part exclusively. I’ve been wanting to let hubby share in the joy of feeding our baby but haven’t gotten around to actually doing it because:

  • we want to avoid nipple confusion
  • we haven’t bought a single baby bottle, or a breast pump
  • breastfeeding is so easy and convenient for us since I’m a SAHM

therefore, up to now there had been no reason for me to pump and share feeding duties with hubby. But I am getting restless. Except for the few minutes when I’m in the bathroom or taking my meals, I’m with the baby physically 24/7. And I’m beginning to feel isolated and limited. I am feeling the need to go out to the mall or wherever all by myself, even for just a few hours. I’m sure the mommies out there have felt that way at some point in their breastfeeding career. So I want to do something about it before I become resentful.

So want can I do about it? Express my milk and let the hubby or yaya give it to the baby in a bottle. Yes, the solution may be as simple as that but again, I’m having doubts. I’m thinking of buying an Avent bottle since I’ve heard from other mommies that this is the best feeding bottle in the market. But then again, I’m having second thoughts because what if my baby won’t drink from it? Sayang naman, as I’ve heard Avent bottles are quite expensive. Do you think I should buy a cheaper bottle and just change into Avent once my baby has taken to drinking breastmilk from a bottle?

But there’s another thing that is keeping me from buying a baby bottle. I have read somewhere in the net that a breasfed baby should be fed expressed breastmilk straight from a cup and not a bottle when weaning. But since I’m not about to wean my baby anytime soon, I’m not sure if it applies to my case. What am I suppose to do in the meantime?

With my two older kids, I never had this dilemma since wherever I go, the baby goes too. With them, I did not feel this great need for space and have quiet time for myself. I wonder, is this baby fatigue? Is there even such a term? Is it because I’m an older mom now? Or worse, am I having a midlife crisis??? Hay, how I wish somebody can advise me what to do….

Bumbo Seat Recall

I’ve been wanting to buy this Bumbo Baby Seat bumbo-seat-blue.jpg for my baby boy despite the recent recall. Upon researching their website, I found out that they are only recalling the warning label on the Bumbo seat, not the product itself as it has no defect per se.

I agree. Putting a baby who is in a Bumbo seat on a high surface like a table and then leaving the baby alone is the height of stupidity in my humble opinion. The parents who’ve had Bumbo related accidents have no right to sue the company since it’s label clearly states that it should not be used in high surfaces.

The way I see it parental negligence (or stupidity) is the cause of those accidents and not the product. So Bumbo Seat, here I come!

*Note, this is not a PAID POST, though I wish it was!

My 777 Baby

Meet my 777 baby!

This is my third and last child. His due date was June 30, 2007 but the little one chose his own birthday. He was born last 07/07/07 at 9:37 pm weighing 6.7 lbs.

He’s so cute no? Walang kokontra! crying-or-yawning.jpg