Of Maids, MIL and Meralco

Hayy..I had a terrible day yesterday.

Around 11am yesterday, a lineman from Meralco came to our house to announce that he’s disconnecting our line because of non-payment! Shocked, I told him to wait a sec so I can text my hubby and ask where he kept the Meralco receipt. After around 5 minutes of waiting, I tried calling him but his cellphone cannot be reached. So I asked the lineman if he can just come back later as I had no idea where our Meralco receipt was. He said okay but if I couldn’t produce it when he comes back, then he’s gonna disconnect na. I said ok, fine. After a few minutes, hubby called and informed me that because of his hectic schedule this week, he had totally forgotten to pay our bill! So I told him to hurry to the nearest Meralco office to pay. After about half an hour, the lineman came back. I asked him if he could wait because hubby is on his way to the office na to pay. But he said he couldn’t wait anymore as he had several more houses to go to pa and proceeded to DISCONNECT our line! Grabe, I was so upset! Imagine I had a newborn in the house tapos walang kuryente! But what happened next was even more upsetting….

When my helper went downstairs, my MIL who is temporarily staying with us asked her if there’s a power failure. My maid said the lineman had just disconnected our line. Aba, my MIL got so mad! Bakit daw di siya sinabihan, para daw siyang tanga dun, waiting for the meat to become tender in the slowcooker, tapos wala naman pala daw kuryente. Kung hindi pa daw siya nagtanong, di nya malalaman. My helper told her that kakaputol lang just now. MIL said, “kahit na, dapat sinabihan nyo ko! and then proceeded to bang the pots and pans while she went on with her cooking. We thought it was just the usual init ng ulo and everything will be alright afterwards. But later that night when I asked my helper to hold my baby while I take a shower, I suddenly heard my MIL addressing the maid in an angry and condescending tone “Hoy, kuha mo ng pagkain si J (my second child) and then according to my maid, banged my son’s plate rudely on my bed and then grabbed the baby from her. Pagbalik ni Yaya from the kitchen, she saw that MIL and baby were playing peek-a-boo, so siyempre, knowing that MIL is mad, scared na siya to attempt to get the baby from her so she went out of our room na. Again I heard MIL’s very angry voice saying – Oy, oy, oy saan ka pupunta, kunin mo tong bata! Later that night, I found my maid crying because apparently, earlier in the day, nasigawan din siya ni MIL when I asked her to inform my MIL that my brother in law had a call from an agency asking him to board a vessel na (bro-in-law is a seaman, btw), MIL lashed out at her in an angry tone – “Aba, malay ko ba dyan, wala naman sya dito pano siyang sasakay ng barko! ” Hello, duh??!, we were just relaying a phone message for his son ano?! I’m so sure pag di namin sinabi yung message, magagalit din siya.

Hay naku, I feel so sorry for my maid pero wala naman akong magawa. My hands are tied. I can’t confront MIL and hubby about this because we already had falling out with MIL many years back because of the exact same thing – her attitude towards my maids. I feel I will be risking another family feud if I bring up the issue with my hubby.

Living under the same roof with my MIL these past few months had really been so frustrating. I feel that I am walking in a mine field when she’s here. Para siyang time bomb, ready to explode any minute without any provocation from anybody. With her, it’s a damn if you do, damn if you don’t sort of thing. And like in a court of law, what you say or don’t say can and will be taken against you! My maids and I are always treading on precarious grounds when she’s here. And it’s getting to be so tiring na.

I can’t hardly wait for next month when we move back to QC. Coz she won’t be moving in with us. Thank God I can finally regain the sense of peace and happy, easy-going atmosphere back in my household.

Hayy naku…. I am still so upset!