About Popski

A stay-at-home mom to 3 lovely kids – a teener, a grade schooler and a newborn!

Sometimes a bored housewife and a harassed mom, other times a struggling entrepreneur.

Before becoming a SAHM, had a short-lived career in the TV industry and together with a college friend, established an events company long before events management became an industry.

Owner of Relleno Republic – a local brand of homemade rellenong bangus, available in select supermarkets in Metro Manila, Philippines


6 Responses

  1. Hi Florence! Thanks for dropping by my blog. 🙂 You write very well and i’ve read all your entries.

    I have linked you up already and i hope you can link up my two blogs:



  2. Hi Ate Florence! Saw your blog link at GT. Just thought to drop by . Hope you’re doin’ fine! =)

  3. Hi Popski. Would like to ask kung meron ka pa ma-recommend na all-around. Badly need it din… Thanks

  4. hi sis popski..pls text me naman po kung pwede mokong mabigyan ng isang maid..thank you. i really need one po.

  5. Hi popski! I saw your add sa girl talk! Can you e-mail or call me. I need 2 all around yayas/maids for my two boys (1 and 2 yr old sons).

    Our house is small and konti lang chores. I just need two helpers since 2 kids ko and to give them equal attention.

    Please help. We can meet up so that we can get to know each other.


  6. Hi, Popski.

    I am a newbie here, just registered awhile ago. I would like to ask your assistance in helping me to look for an all around maid. I have 2 kids, boy & girl ages 4 & 8, both are already studying. My husband and I both working. I have 2 maids one is old and the other maid is young. They both very good dealing with everyday work at home and taking care of our kids. Two maids left at home, since my husband and I both work and kids attending school. Just this week my young one maid got married (civil). Popski, could you help me find an all around maid, though she will not do all the works, because I still have one more maid. D siya lugi or pagosd sa amin, sanay na kasi kami sa 2 maids, para hindi naiinip ang isa. Hope I can count on you as soon as possible. My cel#09175330322, email add: avibebe@yahoo.com and mvmsalvador@bpi.com.ph.


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