Baby Talk

Wow, this is my very first tag, so thanks jen!

1. Are there any babies in your family or circle of friends?

-yup, my very own 3 month old baby boy!

2. Are you one of those people who use a high-pitched, sing-song voice when talking to babies and small children?

-ooops! guilty as charged!

3. If you were standing in line next to a *very* pregnant stranger at the bank or grocery store, what would you say to her?

-I’ll probably ask how far along is she with her pregnancy.

4. Similarly, what do you say or do near babies in public?

-Same thing with jen, when they’re cute, I tell the parents. When they’re not, deadma. Hahahahahahahaha!

5. When walking through a department store, are you the sort of person who can go by the baby clothes without even a glance or do you have to stop to ooh and ahh?

-Now that I have a baby again, I MUST stop by the baby clothes department.

Tagging liza!


Stolen Phone

Now that I’ve unloaded my MIL woes (please see my previous post), I decided that what the heck, might as well unburden my chest of another thing that had pissed me off so much the past months . So please indulge me.

nokia_6600.jpgOne evening in early June, while in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I had a false alarm labor. My contractions were consistent but my dilation wasn’t progressing. After almost 24 hours of non productive labor, my OB concluded that it’s a false alarm and had me sedated so I can rest. I was still in the Labor Room then, texting my hubby about what’s happening. I clearly remember falling asleep while clutching the cellphone to my chest. When the nurse woke me up so I can be transferred to a private  room, my cellphone was nowhere to be found! The nurses and interns turned the bed upside down hoping to uncover my phone but it simply wasn’t there. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Imagine getting robbed inside a private hospital’s Labor room?! This was was totally absurd and unheard of, even here in my country where cellphone-snatching in the streets is a way of life. There was no other patient in the labor room during the entire time that I was there so walang orderly na pumasok sa room.Only doctors, interns and nurses were allowed inside the delivery and labor room so it means someone from the noble profession stole my phone!  Grabe! I was so pissed off! Hindi na nga ako nanganak, ninakawan pa ko ng cellphone! What made it worse was that I had lots of photos in that phone that I had not uploaded yet like my son’s preschool graduation photos. The hospital’s security office conducted an investigation but as expected, nothing came out of it. To this day, we are still awaiting the result of the investigation.

That afternoon I went home with both bulging eyes and bulging tummy.

Of Maids, MIL and Meralco

Hayy..I had a terrible day yesterday.

Around 11am yesterday, a lineman from Meralco came to our house to announce that he’s disconnecting our line because of non-payment! Shocked, I told him to wait a sec so I can text my hubby and ask where he kept the Meralco receipt. After around 5 minutes of waiting, I tried calling him but his cellphone cannot be reached. So I asked the lineman if he can just come back later as I had no idea where our Meralco receipt was. He said okay but if I couldn’t produce it when he comes back, then he’s gonna disconnect na. I said ok, fine. After a few minutes, hubby called and informed me that because of his hectic schedule this week, he had totally forgotten to pay our bill! So I told him to hurry to the nearest Meralco office to pay. After about half an hour, the lineman came back. I asked him if he could wait because hubby is on his way to the office na to pay. But he said he couldn’t wait anymore as he had several more houses to go to pa and proceeded to DISCONNECT our line! Grabe, I was so upset! Imagine I had a newborn in the house tapos walang kuryente! But what happened next was even more upsetting….

When my helper went downstairs, my MIL who is temporarily staying with us asked her if there’s a power failure. My maid said the lineman had just disconnected our line. Aba, my MIL got so mad! Bakit daw di siya sinabihan, para daw siyang tanga dun, waiting for the meat to become tender in the slowcooker, tapos wala naman pala daw kuryente. Kung hindi pa daw siya nagtanong, di nya malalaman. My helper told her that kakaputol lang just now. MIL said, “kahit na, dapat sinabihan nyo ko! and then proceeded to bang the pots and pans while she went on with her cooking. We thought it was just the usual init ng ulo and everything will be alright afterwards. But later that night when I asked my helper to hold my baby while I take a shower, I suddenly heard my MIL addressing the maid in an angry and condescending tone “Hoy, kuha mo ng pagkain si J (my second child) and then according to my maid, banged my son’s plate rudely on my bed and then grabbed the baby from her. Pagbalik ni Yaya from the kitchen, she saw that MIL and baby were playing peek-a-boo, so siyempre, knowing that MIL is mad, scared na siya to attempt to get the baby from her so she went out of our room na. Again I heard MIL’s very angry voice saying – Oy, oy, oy saan ka pupunta, kunin mo tong bata! Later that night, I found my maid crying because apparently, earlier in the day, nasigawan din siya ni MIL when I asked her to inform my MIL that my brother in law had a call from an agency asking him to board a vessel na (bro-in-law is a seaman, btw), MIL lashed out at her in an angry tone – “Aba, malay ko ba dyan, wala naman sya dito pano siyang sasakay ng barko! ” Hello, duh??!, we were just relaying a phone message for his son ano?! I’m so sure pag di namin sinabi yung message, magagalit din siya.

Hay naku, I feel so sorry for my maid pero wala naman akong magawa. My hands are tied. I can’t confront MIL and hubby about this because we already had falling out with MIL many years back because of the exact same thing – her attitude towards my maids. I feel I will be risking another family feud if I bring up the issue with my hubby.

Living under the same roof with my MIL these past few months had really been so frustrating. I feel that I am walking in a mine field when she’s here. Para siyang time bomb, ready to explode any minute without any provocation from anybody. With her, it’s a damn if you do, damn if you don’t sort of thing. And like in a court of law, what you say or don’t say can and will be taken against you! My maids and I are always treading on precarious grounds when she’s here. And it’s getting to be so tiring na.

I can’t hardly wait for next month when we move back to QC. Coz she won’t be moving in with us. Thank God I can finally regain the sense of peace and happy, easy-going atmosphere back in my household.

Hayy naku…. I am still so upset!

My 777 Baby

Meet my 777 baby!

This is my third and last child. His due date was June 30, 2007 but the little one chose his own birthday. He was born last 07/07/07 at 9:37 pm weighing 6.7 lbs.

He’s so cute no? Walang kokontra! crying-or-yawning.jpg

The OC

No, my post is not about that popular TV show. It’s about how OC (obssesive compulsive) I am when it comes to my house.

You can trace my OCness to my childhood days. I think it started when my passion for beautiful homes and interior decorating was awakened. I remember when I was about 10 years old and I went to my classmate’s house. Boy, was I green with envy when I saw her bedroom! She actually had matching curtains and bed linens! Up to now, I can still vividly see in my mind’s eye the red Mickey Mouse design on her beddings. That was a turning point in my life! When I got home that day, I started fixing up our room. Pretty soon, I was fixing up the other parts of the house too. My mom was so proud of me. And rightly so, if I may say so myself…(hehe yabang no?) Because not only was I rearranging furnitures and sweeping and mopping around, I also added plants and flowers and other decorating touches around the house. Now tell me, is that normal for a 10 year old girl?

Fast forward to now, at 41 years young with 3 kids. My OCness spills out to other aspects of homemaking. Our bed has to be fixed a certain way and NO other way. The comforter must lie flat on the bed without any crease at all. At the point where it meets the pillows, it must be turned back so that the reverse side is exposed. The pillows must be fluffed and arranged in a certain way too! My helper is now an expert at making our bed every morning. Puwede na nga sya magtrabaho sa hotel as a chambermaid, sa galing nya mag-ayos ng bed! Ewan ko ba, I’m really so maarte when it comes to these things. Parang di ako kasi mapakali it it’s not done properly, and properly in this sense means MY way!

Hanging up the towels is another proof of my OCness. It must hang perfectly straight, as in the edges must must be aligned exactly.

My teenage daughter and I collect flipflops and so of course, this is still another venue for my ka-OC-han! The slippers must be lined up along the 2nd floor hallway in a certain way too. First by size and then by color. Sa color, for example pink, I line up the dark pink first, next the medium pink and then the light pink. Of course, all the pink flipflops are neighbors to the lavander and purple hued ones…! Parang color wheel, hehe! Sometimes, I wonder ako lang ba ang ganito, is it just me or is there a kindred soul somewhere out there?

Sometimes, this ka-OC-han becomes a source of conflict between me and my girl and hubby. Kasi naman, both of them are my complete opposite. As in they are super makalat and disorganized! In one of our bonding moments, my daughter said, Mommy na-karma ka yata, kasi you’re so OC tapos you married a messy guy and have messy kids. Hahaha…Oo nga ano, very well said!

Of course, with 3 kids around the house, it’s quite hard to maintain a spic and span magazine-worthy home. That’s why I appreciate my helpers so much. But that is another topic for another post.

Milking Cow

I’m a breastfeeding advocate so yup, my post title pertains to me!

I’ve been a milking cow  for exactly 3 months and 3 weeks now.  And I’m loving every minute of it.  Unlike other nursing moms, breastfeeding for me is breeze… a walk in the park.   But with this 3rd and last child, the first few days weren’t easy.  For someone who takes  pride in being a “breastfeeding expert”, it was a little bit disconcerting, specially since I’ve been proudly declaring to anyone who’s willing to listen that I exclusively breastfed my 2 older kids for a year and continued until they were about 3.  Am I about to fail? NO WAY! I couldn’t, wouldn’t let that happen! So why wasn’t breastfeeding easy during my newborn’s early days,  even for a so-called expert nursing mom like me?

Well, according to information I gathered from the net, in the next two days after giving birth, the newborn gets colostrum which supposedly is enough for for his tiny tummy until the real milk lets down from the mother’s breast.  But what if, despite these experts’ findings and opinions, your baby has a big appetite and is a voracious drinker and after gulping down the colostrum is still obviously very hungry? What’s a mom supposed to do when her in-distressed newborn is bawling so hard from hunger? Surely, one cannot just sit there and calmly explain to a starving baby that hey, you’re supposed to be filled up by now…you already got the colostrum!

I knew that sucking stimulates breast milk production so I let my baby sucked until I’m sore. He would suck and pull at my breast so hard, then in between sucking he would let out a heart-wrenching wail. I tried everything to calm him down, burped him, hugged him tight, swaddled him, rocked and cradled him …all the tricks that worked with my 2 older ones. But he simply wouldn’t calm down. My heart felt like breaking into pieces every time I hear my poor baby’s pleas. I was beginning to panic thinking my milk wasn’t enough although deep down, I knew better. I firmly believe that all moms can produce an ample supply of milk,   so I decided to take on my pedia’s advice and cheat a little, which I had hoped I wouldn’t need to do since as I’ve said, I’m a staunch believer in exclusive breastfeeding.

What I did, as what my OB Gyne (thanks Dra. Abadilla!) advised me to do was to prepare a little amount of infant formula. Then using a medicine dropper, I squirted some infant formula in my breast while my baby is nursing. That way, my baby will continue sucking, thus stimulating breast milk production.  It worked! My baby  stopped crying and fussing and happily drifted off to dreamland. I only had to do it for a couple of days  and only in the interim between colostrum and real milk let down. After that, since I breastfeed on demand, my milk supply became established and thank God, he never had to drink any formula again!

Whew! I’m so glad those early days are now over. Now I understand why some first time moms give up on breastfeeding. Whereas before I cannot comprehend those new moms who chose the easy way out and did not breastfeed, now I can empathize with them a bit, having experienced sore, cracked and bleeding nipples! As an experienced and older mom, it was truly hard for me, e di lalo na for young inexperienced first time moms.

But I would like to advise all pregnant women to breastfeed. This special bonding with your little one is a priceless experience you will surely treasure when your kids are all grown up. Take it from me, the milking cow!

And just to let you know, my little one is currently latched on to me as I’m typing away!

The Birth Of My Blog

I’m now officially a blogger! Call it blog envy if you will but after lurking in other people’s blogs, i decided that I want my own blog too!

After much thought, afterthoughts and apprehensions (such as what would a SAHM write about??? who’s gonna read me???, etc) I decided to go for it. In this blog, I will be writing about…what else, the topic I know most about…being a stay-at-home mom to three lovely kids! You see, I’ve been in the business of raising kids for 16 years now and loving it (most of the time). Aside from that, I will also do random write ups on my other passion – decorating.

So, with this, I welcome myself to the blogging world.